New MICROSOFT office opened in Sarajevo, BiH, and BATES has had a double role – project management and design

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Inspired by elements of outstanding local nature and tradition, our designers have successfully incorporated the design language, which is client’s global signature. Use of natural materials, a touch of copper, and accents of green and blue make the office atmosphere both inspiring and relaxing. Local values were brought into the space not only through materialization, but also through relations – reinterpretation of ‘divanhana’, a traditional place for socialization was placed in hub, and is now one of the most attractive elements within office.

Thanks to a very good communication and coordination between all parties, this project was completed successfully, on time and within budget.

Author: BATES Belgrade (design team: Aleksandra Jovanović and Milena Blagojević)
Project Management: BATES Belgrade (PM: Radmila Arsenović)
General Contractor: GALEB Internacional
Photography: Relja Ivanić