Češka Vila Hotels and Villas

Mr. Philip Vermeulen, operating through a local company, hired BATES for Techical Supervision, as well as Cost Management and Project Management services for the Češka Vila Hotels and villas reconstruction.
The project site is located in Croatia; the region of Dalmatia on the island of Vis. Property is located on a small peninsula at the beginning of City of Vis bay, which was used by Yugoslav army after WW2.
This project spreads on more that 64.000 sq.m on land and more than 5.000 sq.m on the sea. The area is divided into several different development typologies, but the focus is on 3 zones inside T1 zone: Ceska villa, new hotel, villas, and a small area within the maritime reserve with an existing building planned to become villa as well. Additional to these existing facilities that need to be reconstruct or refurbished as well; an existing beach bar, storage house for boat repairs and infrastructure projects, all located within the area of development.
Total capacity will be 160 beds divided in:
• Ceska Villa – 8keys rooms (16 beds)
• New hotel – 41 rooms keys (106 beds)
• New villas – 3 villas (18 beds)