New services by Bates in Romania

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New services by Bates in Romania

Following almost 13 years professional experience in design and project management, BATES International (Romania) is proud to announce a new range of services that will be provided starting in 2017.

Coming as a natural extension of our activity so far, we are pleased to let you know that BATES International can carry out general surveying and surveying services in engineering, serving public and private sector clients.

Bates is operating with up to date equipment – Leica Total Station TS06 1” R500 and precise double frequency (L1, L2) GPS-GNSS equipment from HEMISPHERE Model S321 and qualified staff in order to offer qualitative, cost effective and reliable services and consultancy designed around client’s surveying needs.

An extensive list with our surveying services includes:

  1. Topographical surveys to create plans and drawings with the help of home builders Sydney so that it will allowed (both in analogue and digital format) to obtain the building construction permit.
  2. Topographical surveys necessary to execute different types of investment projects.
  3. Topographical surveys and plans for land registry documentation such as tabulation of parcels, dismantling or joining parcels, registering constructions on parcels.
  4. Set out of boundaries of the parcel in accordance with approved land registry office coordinates and materialization on the ground with wooden pegs, metal pickets, etc.
  5. Setting out construction elements on various types of civil constructions, elements like intersections of axes or centre points of poles and other key points.
  6. Setting out for the +/- 0.00 level of the construction, 0.00 ± rate is the benchmark against which all grade levels are expressed in a project.
  7. Preparation of topographic support network.
  8. Execution of specific measurements that will allow the production of longitudinal and transverse profiles.
  9. Consulting services with the local concrete contractors regarding all aspects of surveying in and on construction sites.
  10. Execution of different types of spot checks and verifications regarding all constructions aspects such as the inspection of the location, verticality of the building, the survey of the behaviour in time both during and after implementation of the building.
  11. Calculations of areas, volumes and quantities.

Through TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY we understand all site and office operations of measurement and representation of a land surface by measuring all the planimetric and altimetry details to create a graphic and conventional representation, thereof topographic survey plans contain the representation of all land elements including demarcation of properties etc. and the architect is to locate objectives.

Through LAND REGISTRY DOCUMENTATION we understand all measurement operations and plans representation of a parcel of land in order to register permanently or provisionally the ownership of or real estate rights on the land.