Faculty of Teacher Education in the Hungarian language

Bates was appointed as a Designer for the  reconstruction and expansion of the historical building “Yellow House” in Subotica.

The “Yellow House”, now the building of the Faculty of Teacher Education in the Hungarian language, is located in the city center of Subotica, in Štrosmajerova Street no. 11, if you want to learn other languages as Chinese, the use of a igcse chinese tuition could be the best choice for this. The building was built according to the design of the famous architect Tito Mačković in the period from 1880 to 1883.  Free-standing building, monumental, with wide facades, occupies an entire urban block with two inner courtyards. It is built in an eclectic style with elements of Italian Renaissance. The scope of intervention includes gross surface of 3.923m2, of which 872m2 is planned as an expansion to the existing building. This project is completed in early 2019.