Projects by Service: Consultancy

Our experienced consultancy team at BATES works hard to give you the best service across many sectors. Taking advantage of internationally recognised techniques and methods, BATES will carry out the investment appraisal on your business’s behalf. Wherever necessary, we will customise our approach to best suit your particular necessities and requirements, thus ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to justify the proposed investment.

• Technical Due Diligence
BATES is able to cover all of your needs when it comes to Due Diligence. The objectives of each project vary, but BATES is able to provide you with a quality service in the following actions:

o Review planning documentation and review any limitations that may arise
o Address any potential documentation issues regarding the development
o Analysis of external utilities and its influence on the project development
o Analysis of required capabilities and propose alternative solutions if required.
o Provide information about the robustness of the project design and a detailed commentary on the assumptions made in the Project Definition
o Advise on the strength of future projections of technical performance
o Recommend actions that are necessary in order to address potential liabilities
o Recommend measures that may significantly affect the value of the investment
o Determine whether the quoted project benefits are attainable
o Assess any Health and Safety implications
o Do an environmental evaluation to determine the benefits and setbacks of projects
o Soil and water pollution investigation
o Evaluate structural stability
o MEP evaluation
o Analyze future use and evaluate all benefits of the SWAT analysis

• Tender Agent
BATES is completely able to run the tender process for you. With many years and projects worth of experience our employed professionals will efficiently and smoothly deal with anything you need. We work independently and are therefore confident consultants who work on behalf of our clients.

• Risk Assessment
At BATES we are experienced at carrying out comprehensive risk assessments. Whether for the health and safety of your business, for environmental compliance or for financial issues, BATES will apply our tried and tested methods to help you identify your business’s risks.

• Budgeting and Investment Appraisals
BATES is a veteran within this field having worked for a variety of clients in many sectors. We see Investment Appraisals as extremely valuable and necessary for many businesses. We strive to give you the best feedback you require to understand your company’s present so you can better manage its future. Based on previous experiences, active database and day-to-day dealings with suppliers and contractors we are able to provide you with an accurate budget for your project.
Our typical methodologies include:
o Payback period
o Accounting rate of return
o Net Present Value
o Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
o Profitability Index
o Discounted Cash Flow
o Market value analysis

• Market Studies
Entering new markets requires a detailed market study of its potential and actual needs. Since the start of our activities we have provided market research, gathering information for our clients in the office, retail and residential sectors. We have analyzed existing retail networks and their potential for future development and their supply and demand in the office and residential sectors.
Furthermore, we are able to guide you through the local legislature processes whilst providing you with up to date information which enables you to create a more accurate schedule which influences the budget less negatively.