IPS Production Facilities

IPS Production Facilities

IPS hired Bates as Project Manager for the construction of their new production facilities in Kardzali, Bulgaria.  The facility will have production, warehouse and office facilities for power supply systems.

The area of the building will be a total of 8223.7 sq.m. 5300 sq.m. of which will house the production facilities while 1680 sq.m. the warehouse. 450 sq.m. are meant for the administrative staff and premises. The remaining sq. meterage is purposed for sanitary and other support functions.

The production facilities will feature installation, testing and quality assurance areas as well as specialised premises for water and high-temperature testing.

The warehouse area will store raw materials, the loading and unloading area and the packing area.

The administrative area is a two-level building, which will house the managerial staff.