We work closely with our clients in order to materialize exactly what they have envisioned. BATES fields an experienced team of specialists who have worked in a large variety of sectors for many clients.

At BATES our design professionals carefully examine your operational and philosophical needs and match them to your desires to achieve a more comfortable, productive and aesthetically pleasing working space. Using the most advanced products and technologies we offer the most creative and economically and energy efficient design solutions that are sure to reach your highest expectation.

BATES strives to achieve excellence beyond the built environment. From locating and preparing the location of your project to developing the operating systems within it. Our experts offer creative, reliable and energy efficient solutions in all engineering disciplines that your project may require.

Interior Fit-out
The aesthetics and atmosphere of a work space set the tone for a company and affects the business it attracts and the work it produces. At BATES our interior designers work hard to create the type of environment you want and need. Working closely with the client as well as with architects and engineers we are able to achieve the best solutions and create the most appropriate interior environments for your specific needs. From consultations through concept development to final design, BATES works with you to create the best world your business deserves.

Permitting management
Leveraging the experience of our Town Planning, Engineering and Project Management staff, we have successfully negotiated with the various governmental and local administration bodies to obtain a large variety of approvals, permits and licenses. We always strive to provide the most cost effective solution for your development. We are able to provide you with the following services among others:

  • Demolition approvals
  • Planning conditions
  • Water supply and drainage approvals
  • Environmentally relevant activities
  • Water infrastructure
  • Food business licenses
  • Fire brigade approvals
  • Construction permits
  • Any other request
  • Occupancy permits
  • Traffic approvals

Technical Audit
Our trained professionals will offer you a thorough evaluation of your design and present you with a clear report of its status. If required, we will also advise the designer on alternative designs on the project’s behalf. Whenever legally binding, as an addition to Design Management, we are licensed and experienced in providing Design Technical Audit.

Value Engineering
BATES will cover all your needs when it comes to Value Engineering. Our team will review design documentations and propose alternative solutions whenever applicable. We will provide you with cost evaluations of the design and give guidelines to the designers on how to implement any alternative solutions to the design.