As Project Managers, we at Bates, will do the planning, organizing and Controlling for your project in order your specific goals to be achieved.

At BATES we understand that time is a vital resource, therefore instead of sparing time we spare no effort in implementing a project and finishing it as early as possible so our clients can start earning a return on their investment quicker. BATES’ Project Management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of Project Definition and Scope
  • Budget Cost Estimates
  • Definition of project execution plan
  • Coordination of statutory approvals
  • Appointment of consultants and contractors
  • Preparing and maintaining master programs and detailed schedules
  • Design management
  • Preparation of tender documentation, technical specifications& scope of works
  • Contract preparation, award & administration
  • Procurement management
  • Construction supervision, including site safety management
  • Quality inspections
  • Commissioning & handover
  • Provision of operating and maintenance manuals
  • Account Management

Claim Management and Adjudication
BATES’ claims team is composed of experts with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw from. Such a range of expertise is essential in analysing the causation and damage components of a claim in order to break the claim down and analyse it one issue at a time therefore securing a well-developed and effective problem resolution. BATES is fully able to help you and your company through the processes and proceedings of adjudication. We are also able to follow up refusals to adhere to adjudicator’s decisions and get them enforced.

Programme Management
Planning and Progress Control: We understand that project planning is a fundamental project management technique required for the successful delivery of all projects. By investing in our planning support services your organization will gain an individually tailored time effective framework that will maintain project schedule and have greater accuracy with resource planning that will overall improve cash flow management and reduce project costs. We are also usually able to provide project scheduling in Primavera or MS Project.

Construction management and supervision
Our project management team manages the construction phase. We can provide full-time or part-time on-site construction supervision, supported by our in-house design and engineering teams throughout the construction phase. Our construction supervisors are accredited in accordance with any project requirements be they confined space entry, first aid, fire awareness, diesel fuel deliveryconstruction or general safety, and are able to provide you with the following capabilities:

  • An individually tailored, cost effective framework and tracking tool
  • A fully developed and maintained project schedule and resource plan
  • Greater accuracy with resource planning and improved cash flow management
  • Real time reporting (Macro and Micro Level)
  • Realistic project timescales and budget allocation
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Overall reduction in project costs
  • On site project control and regular reporting

Design Management
Using our experienced architects, engineers and project managers, we are able to provide our clients with the best design solutions suited to their needs. Our project managers will effectively manage the professional team and establish a structure and procedure for the whole process as well as report and review any necessary information to keep the client informed at all times. Using the latest technologies and best practices, we will make sure your project is brought to its best and highest capabilities.

Tenant Coordination
At Bates we are proficient in providing full tenant coordination on behalf of our client. We are also able to implement tenant standards and requests both in the design and construction stages.
We make sure to not obstruct the building’s functionality allowing for the tenants and landlords to keep to their duties and activities unimpeached. At Bates we believe in close cooperation and we will make sure to keep the tenants and landlords up to date with all necessary information and make sure the projects remains within the budget and time.