Hotel Golubački Grad

BATES was contracted to provide TDD and preliminary Cost Estimate for the building of “Golubački grad” hotel, located at the very edge of the bank of the Danube River, at the Golubac Square.

The building of the hotel “Golubački grad” is a two-storey building located on the right bank of the Danube, at the entrance to the Đerdap Gorge, occupying app. 2.000 sq.m. Right next to the hotel stretches a quay, 2 km long, with a view of Golubac Lake, 8 km wide, and the Golubac Fortress from XIV century, whose remains belong to the most picturesque monuments of Serbian past.

The subject of the technical review were the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations in the hotel, as well as the fire protection systems & external services.