BATES specializes in performing quantity take-offs quickly and accurately. We maintain a full database of previous projects and achieve an accurate pricing for projects by comparing prices of contractors and vendors in the local markets
We structure the budget based on RICS and/or local codes in our personal templates, but are able to follow different procedures specified by the Client.
At BATES we are able to lean on our engineering expertise and background to help the clients and designers select the most cost-efficient solution.
We are able to include both a Soft and Hard cost for the project depending on the client’s needs.

Procurement management
BATES can manage the entire process of the procurement stage of the project. From the development of technical requisition documents to the negotiation process. At BATES we maintain solid working relationships with industry suppliers, ensuring that your specifications are technically fit for purpose and meet your budgetary requirements. BATES will fully handle the communications with suppliers and will assist you with deliveries and implementing any required insurance and warranty policies. We will also evaluate all offers prepare recommendation reports to the client.

Contract Management
Here at BATES we see the role of the Contract Manager as an integral one when doing Contract Management. Our experienced Contract Managers will help you perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities
  • Advising you on the most suitable contract to employ
  • Performing risk and value management in order to evaluate your procurement strategy
  • Identifying, analysing and developing responses to commercial risks
  • Allocating work to subcontractors
  • Providing advice on contractual claims
  • Analysing outcomes and writing detailed progress reports
  • Valuing completed work and administering payments
  • Preparing the final account and contract closing procedures

Budget and Cost Control
BATES will find the best and most efficient way to budget your project. We have worked in this field for years and are experienced in finding the best solutions. BATES possesses a huge